About Mr. Benavides

beblackbeltMr. Benavides, a martial artist of over 40 years, believes in the practice of martial arts as a lifestyle. He believes the practice is not merely a component in a routine, but is to be regarded an integral part of the development of one’s highest best self.

He was given this gift by his father -a lifetime Judo practitioner, shares it with his brother, and with his two teenage sons.

Whether your interest is Judo, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Mixed and Extreme Martial Arts, or Krav Maga / Self-defense, the foundations are all the same:

Discipline, Commitment, and Deep Consciousness

-of  the self, and of the world around you.

Be Black Belt is Mr. Benavides’ way of sharing his knowledge and wisdom with all of you, interested in learning from his lifetime’s work.

Read the BLOG.


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