Warm Up and Flexibility

Warm up: Prepare for physical performance by practicing gently beforehand ( Increase body temperature ).

Flexibility: The quality of bending easily without breaking ( Stretching ).

Stretching is not a warm up.  Warm up is literally the process of increasing your core body temperature. It’s very important that you perform a general warm up before you stretch. Cold muscles don’t stretch very well, so don’t try to do so if you are not warmed up, to avoid injuries.

What to do?

  • 50 Jumping Jacks.
  • 1 minute running in place ( Knees up to waist level ).
  • Neck Rotations ( Very gently ).
  • Shoulder Rotation ( Forward and backward ).
  • Hip Rotation ( clockwise and counterclockwise ).
  • 50 push ups.
  • 50 sit ups ( Abs ).

Remember warm up and stretch before starting your training. Warm muscles do not get injured.

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