It does not matter which sport or athletic discipline you practice, make it a life style; be passionate about it, talk to people about it, and share your experiences with everybody you may know. You will touch everyone, and you will be leading by example.

This will make you a LEADER. 

As soon as you feel better you will start looking better; you will walk, talk, and act different, and people will wonder about what it is that you’re doing to look good. People around you will be curious to know your secret.

Well there is no secret. You have adopted a life style of healthy eating, self improvement and a higher level of consciousness and awareness of who you are, and what is good for you and your body, and where you may be going.

What you eat is very important, that is why I shared with you my detox diet (consult your doctor before dieting). If you look fit and symmetrically proportioned, you will perform at your highest. Your reflexes and adaptation to different training environments will be easier to develop.

“A LEADER is not that person who rules, governs, or dominates a country or a group, A LEADER is that person capable of guiding and teaching others to become LEADERS”  –Mr. Benavides


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