Out of my Karate Gi

My dad, Mr. Benavides, has given me the gift of Karate.

I started really young, at 2 years old in Venezuela, and then picked it back up at around 6 years old here in the US. Now it has been 15 years -I’m 17, and it has become such a big part of my life that sometimes I forget all the good things the practice has given me in my personal life Out of my Karate Gi

jorgejrIn Academics:

Karate has given me a focused mind to be able to stay on track and concentrate on given tasks.

In Other Sports:

Karate has given me the strength, cardio capacity, leadership skills, and confidence needed to lead the volleyball team and become the school’s MVP.

Above all, Self Control:

Karate has given me a fault line between anger and serenity; it has taught me that in many situations it is better to take approach with a clear and calm mind, rather than a reckless one.

Starting now, I will help dad with posting for the blog.

Thank you, dad, and you too Be Black Belt!

-Benavides Jr., 2nd Degree

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