The Next Level Flexibility

As Martial Artists, flexibility or “the quality of bending easily without breaking”, is as important as being strong physically and mentally.

There are amazing martial artists like Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chloe Bruce who have not only developed their techniques but have also focused on developing for themselves the next level of flexibility.

Simple Basic Moves :

  • Open legs
  • Stretch side to side
  • Stretch forward (elbows first, then forehead to the floor)

Frequency for Basics :

  • Everyday watching TV
  • Reading a book
  • Doing homework
  • Before practicing any sport; in every sport warming up and stretching are extremely important to avoid injuries.

Additional Training :

  • Asanas (yoga poses). Refer to
  • Bikram (developed from hatha yoga by Bikram Choudhury, practiced at 104 degrees F and 40% humidity); scientific studies have proven that Bikram, if regularly practiced, helps improve deadlift strength, flexibility, and accelerates body fat loss. Refer to
  • Ballet or Dance; Jean Claude Van Damme practiced Ballet for 5 years, from 16 to 21, to compliment his martial arts and weight-lifting practices.

Frequency for Additional Training :

This will depend on your personal interests, schedule availability, and even body’s response. Also, to control food intake -in order to be your leanest- will help improve your flexibility.


(With Bill “Superfoot” Wallace)

“Be Flexible My Friend!”

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