Martial Arts. Not Violence.


As a martial artist and self-defense instructor, people ask me about why I like violence.  What they don’t know is that as martial artists we learn how to channel energy, develop control, and find balance, achieving in fact the complete opposite.

The fact that you can defend yourself from a physical confrontation is actually your right. 

In the United States, the stand-your-ground law is a law that authorizes a person to protect and defend his/her own life and limbs against an actual threat, or a perceived threat. 

The difference in being a martial artist is that you are trained and prepared to apply defensive tactics and combative attacks; in an extreme situation this ability and preparation can save your life. 

Definition of Defensive Tactics: 

Methods we use to deflect, intercept, or evade an oncoming attack.

Definition of Combatives:

Ballistic attacks we use to neutralize a threat. 


(With Matt Hughes)

A good example is Matt Hughes who, despite his abilities, remains calm and is soft-tempered outside of his practice.

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