Week 2, check.

Week 2 was as challenging as the first.

I began with a sharp deep pain in the inner part of the joint of my left knee -as if I were 90 years old. Not sure where that came from, as not even with Bikram Yoga it has ever happened before, but Mr. Benavides and Sensei Oquendo have assured me it will be gone… in a few years, maybe…

They say, and I quickly learn, there are just parts of the body never trained that are awakened with martial arts.

The very deep, squared-hip, sustained lounging and forward / backward travel of the zenkutsu-dachi ( 前屈立 ) and the kokutsu-dachi ( 後屈立 ), while learning my first kata : taykioku ( 太極 ) shodan -or chinese taiji, the ying and yang or the oneness before duality, are some of the most intensive tasks my body has physically endured. Also, working on creating the power that needs to be exerted to perform good striking techniques or uchi-waza ( 打ち技 ).


Also, this past week I tuned in to the approval of Karate as a competitive sport in Tokyo 2020, by the International Olympic Committee. Dreams of old Japan stirred up, and dreams of learning japanese, and a plan to be there -as spectators or in competition- is now set into motion for myself and the Kuro-Obi Dojo Team.


About the Team : we are a good one… We have everything from 40+ years in practice like Mr. Benavides, and 35+ years like Sensei Oquendo, to 10+ years in Engerbert Jr., Jorge Jr., Diego, and Enrique, and novices -like me.

I intend to, by then have reached my most optimal level before the Tokyo Olympic Games arrive, and that -by my calculations- means I could be a Black Belt 2nd Dan. I just have to keep doing what I am doing, work hard every day, and test as regularly scheduled every 3-4 months. In order to attend the U.S. Open however, and us all have any sort of shot to make an Olympic Team -to be structured- or become refs, we have to participate and compete and rise in various settings starting with our local / regional event on August 20, and work our way to other larger like other regions -in October competing in Altanta GA, the National championship, and international settings -like the Panamerican, European, and World championships.

For now, ONE day at a time…



-Tabitha. White Belt, Bikram Yoga Practitioner + Usui Ryoho Reiki Master

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