Martial Arts


Always walk inside your dojo, with an empty mind, ready to learn no matter your rank.

When we think about the front line of martial arts, the names that pop to our minds are Bruce Lee, JCVD, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, etc.

All  movie stars, and great martial artists; also, all whom started like you… looking for a discipline with which they could learn to defend themselves against bullies.

In training, their main focus was to follow the path of training like a star, with thoughts of greatness, each becoming the best they could become.

One thing they always kept in mind, and never lost, was being humble.

They came everyday to the dojo with an empty mind, ready to learn new techniques, and trained and practiced until they could dominate every single move flawlessly. 

You stay humble…. train to be your best.

Be Black Belt

Sparring with Friends

One of my favorite things about karate is that I get to participate in sparring, which is basically when you fight in class or tournaments.

When it comes to sparring my friends that’s where is gets exciting.

It’s fun to spar with friends because you can train on any new techniques or tactics you would use during a tournament, and it’s not like you are in true competition.

You know that you guys will not be hitting too hard, or going full force, but the act of sparring with friends -to me- helps with creating strength, improving, and advancing your game.


-Benavides Jr., 2nd Degree Black Belt