Karate in Tokyo 2020

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee made an unprecedented decision while in Rio’s 129th IOC session :

Karate as the newest competitive sport added to the lineup for the Olympic Games to take place in Tokyo 2020.


Incredible, a dream realized for martial artists around the globe.

After a lifetime training, imagine learning that your selection is now an Olympic selection -as the Spanish selection did (very publicly) yesterday.

Truth is, this is coming full circle for Karate and Karatekas, as Japan is its birth place and Tokyo is welcoming it, open arms.

We have partnered with Kuro-Obi Dojo to take the trip of a lifetime, and travel to Japan for he games; we will be working on fundraising soon and also, we will be working to bring an exhibition team of Shotokan from Florida, USA.

Do you want to join us? Then join our event page on Facebook РKuro-Obi Dojo and Be Black Belt at Tokyo 2020 Рfor updates as we go. Contact Tabitha of Be Black Belt or Olclaris of Kuro-Obi Dojo if you have any questions.

Exciting things to come. Will you be a part of it?

Always remember… stay true to your practice, and¬†Be Black Belt!