Be Limitless

It is true: Age is just a number.

There exists not limit for the training of your body in martial arts, as there exists no limit for the training of your body in any other athletic practice. 

Your body is a machine, and depending on the point in time of your machine (your age), and its wear and tear (current condition), its continued use, sustenance, and maintenance may be different from another’s.

When you start at an early age in martial arts, or in any other practice, of course it can become an advantage; but there is no age limitation to start practicing any type of self-defense discipline.

The truth is that your path is your path alone, and as it is yours it is as unique as you are.

You may have started at 5, or you may be starting at 50, you will still benefit from the practice in the short and long terms.

If you’re thinking that what you want to do is to become fit, and then stay fit, and in addition learn how to defend yourself, it is never too late to get started… All it takes is your decision, then a commitment to follow through, and then action to take you all the way… and you will be on your way to becoming that person you want to become: a martial arts expert.

There are no limits… we ourselves, mostly out of fear, create our own limits. In truth, we tend to always be our greatest fear and our worst opponent. 

We are uncomfortable with change, even though change is the only constant in our lives.

Do not let you stand in your way.

For life to be richer…

Be, and stay, limitless!

Awareness as a Self-defense Weapon

To have Awareness of your surroundings is the starting point of good self-defense.

In the United States today there are over 750,000 registered sex offenders, and it is my opinion that every woman and every child should receive some form of formal training in self-defense. 

Not all is about fitness. Staying safe should also play and important roll in our daily lives. 

Don’t let yourself be an easy target :

  • STOP texting while walking to your car, or in an empty parking lot. 
  • STAND in the back of an elevator after entering, and greet every person in the elevator cab or getting into the cab. 
  • LET any stranger be aware that you noticed him or her by nodding your head; also, make direct eye contact. For an attacker, the avoidance of eye contact is a sign of weakness -makes you seem easy prey.
  • MAKE sure your to use body language that makes it evident you know that person is there. 
  • WALK with confidence, tall and straight. Also, talk with confidence -saying Hello to a stranger is further evidence to an attacker that you are fully aware of his/her presence.
  • BE alert, always.

“Be Aware Now, to Not Regret Later”

Yoga v2 – Modified Padangusthasana

For this second session, I present the proper foundation and practice for a modifed “standing forward bend” (or “big toe”) pose, or Padangusthasana.

This pose calms the brain -reducing stress and anxiety, stimulates your kidney and liver, fully stretches your lower limbs, improves the function of your digestive system -is a full core compression pose, relieves headaches by recirculating fresh oxygen to your brain, and helps relieve symptoms of menopause.

For martial artists, this pose in addition does help with strengthening kicks, it helps with strengthening core, it lengthens reach for both lower and upper limbs, and improves flexibility and balance.


-Tabitha. White Belt, Bikram Yoga practitioner + Usui Ryoho Reiki Master